"I had the pleasure of booking Jai Baker 3 for a private Ruoff employee event at the Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center. From our very initial contact to their follow up after the show, my experience with Jai Baker 3 was off the charts. They are very respectable, quick to respond and thankful for every opportunity to perform. Jai Baker 3 was easy for myself (Ruoff Mortgage Event Coordinator) and the LiveNation staff to work with, this includes contracting, stage set up, set list, sound check, etc. They really went above and beyond for our employee event. Jai Baker 3 played a great mix of popular hits and some of their favorites. They even played an original song, which the crowd loved! They were very engaging with their audience, got people out of their seats and dancing, and were the perfect addition to our event. Thank you so much Jai Baker 3"! 

~Hannah (Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center/Event Coordinator, Noblesville, In)

"Besides always delivering a great sound, vocals and overall entertainment, Jai and his band have always great to work with.  When helping put on a festival that has many moving parts, it is nice to have groups who are good with communication, willing to be flexible and appreciative of the opportunity to represent the festival in front of the attendees." 

~Adam (Entertainment Committee Co-Chair, SparkFishers! Festival, Fishers, In)

"To surprise my daughter for her graduation party, I reached out to Jai Baker to see if his band would play a small event like this and he did not hesitate to say yes.  The event came and they played in our back yard to a crowd of 150 people who came and went, but once they saw they were there, guests went to other parties and came back.   The guys made the night a party and everyone had a great time".

~Cory (Private Event, Fishers, In)

"Jai Baker 3 played out at Mustard Seed Gardens for a wedding reception and they were a hit. The guests loved the atmosphere that the band created, and it is amazing at how talented those men are! Their music and sound production were on point".

~Emma (Mustard Seed Gardens/Event Coordinator (Noblesville, In)

"A JB3 show is truly unique. Three very talented guys who seem to know every song be it new or old! Each show is different and fun. If you haven't seen them yet, then you are missing out on a great time! Their sound is awesome"!

~Helen (Fishers, In)

"The Jai Baker Band is extremely talented, fun, and entertaining. My friends and I enjoy listening to them and dancing the night away to their wide variety of music. They are very professional and friendly. Wherever they play, they always put their heart and soul into it and their love for music shows".


"Jai Baker 3 is one of the best talents I have ever witnessed. Jai can take a song and make it sound even better than the original and every time you see them play you can't wait to see them again. Everyone walks away a Jai Baker fan after watching them live and they are truly an incredible talent that never disappoints".

~Dan (Fishers, In)

"Jai Baker 3 isn’t your typical local band. They have built a solid fan community that eagerly follows them around the city to enjoy their music, multiple times a week, every week. Jai’s vocals are often better than the famous artist he’s covering, and his voice will send chills down your spine. The chemistry between Jai, and his brother David and lifelong friend Kevin make for an incredible on stage experience, and why so many people love this band. Not only are they exceptionally talented and always bring the fun everywhere they go, but they are good guys with good hearts, and that is why they continue to acquire so many loyal fans".

~Maria (Castleton, In)

"The notable, Jai Baker 3 has boundless talent that makes a crowd energetic and on their feet! I am a big fan and often reroute my weekend plans, to stop by and see them play! It is ALWAYS an exceptional show! I rate them matchable or better than the most famous country/pop country bands around today! Stellar Musicians"!

~Jill (Fishers, In)