At the early age of 7, Jai began performing with his family’s Indiana based band with his big brother, David Baker (lead guitar). 4 years later they would meet Kevin Bonewitz (drums). The three would not only become best friends but life long brothers. Jai, David and Kevin travelled playing fairs, festivals and family events with Jai and David's parents.  This experience proved to be invaluable in the development of Jai Baker 3's musicality. Playing everything from Waylon Jennings to Fleetwood Mac,  the Beatles and Travis Tritt to Matchbox 20 and Pearl Jam. Variety of songs meant happy customers at the end of the night. As the boys grew into their High School years (Warsaw High School, Warsaw, Indiana), they began playing in a Hard Rock band performing original music at various festivals, fairs and concert venues. They continued to hone and refine their musical sound. When you hear Jai sing today, all of these influences have created a beautiful amalgamation of color that is uniquely Jai Baker.  

    Currently, Jai Baker 3 has focused all of these experiences into the genre of Country music. Throughout the touring process the guys have realized it’s not always an easy road.  Persevering through tough personal life struggles and balancing a healthy family life with a music career is never easily accomplished. Climbing over the steep mountains of life and maintaining a musical path simultaneously proves to be an ominous endeavor. Through their perseverance, some momentum has started to occur.  In 2012, Jai pushed far into The Voice and American Idol television programs nearly making the finals in both. They have opened or shared the stage with Luke Bryan, Justin Moore, Keith Urban, Faith Hill, Gretchen Wilson and Phil Vassar. They most recently opened for hip hop artist, Flo Rida on the main stage at Ruoff Home Mortgage Center in Noblesville, Indiana (2019). Jai Baker 3 has recently had the honor of being sponsored by Jim Beam Suntory, which has proved to be an amazing alliance. The guys are currently working on their first regional/national release. Mixing Jai's unique, passionate voice along with David and Kevin's  Country/Rock writing style, Jai Baker 3 is sure to leave the consumer wanting more! 

     When you take some Country and smash it into some Alternative Rock you find the new world of Jai Baker 3.